Millie's Third Birthday: August 9, 2013

Back in August, my little Millie girl turned three!  It was a special little celebration.
We were days away from moving from Michigan (sigh! I miss it!) to Utah, so most of our house was in boxes.

We woke up that morning, Cason went into work late so he could celebrate a little with us, and we got breakfast (ham and egg breakfast sandwiches, pecan rolls) at Millie's favorite place Hermann's Boy in Rockford.  We brought it home and had a little picnic in the family room.

All Millie wanted for her birthday was a helmet and a computer.  So wishes were met.  We bought her a little play computer and a helmet. :)

Later in the day, we met some friends at the park (another favorite activity), ate lunch, had cupcakes requested by her, and sang Happy Birthday!  She loved it and we loved (and miss) having friends there to celebrate with us.  After the park, naps were had, and we just played with new toys until Dad came home from work.

I had Millie go outside and come back in with her eyes closed.  She was so surprised by this present.  She doesn't wear the helmet much (eek!) but she loves her scooter!

We took the scoot for a spin downtown Rockford.  Enjoyed some delicious pizza from Marinades (another favorite of Millies) and hung out as a little family.

 We finished the day off with another Millie favorite-banana splits-on the kitchen floor.  

It was a day full of favorites and a special one at that!  Happy Birthday little Miss!
Still taking naps and not potty trained...but we sure love our three year old daughter and big sis! :)

We love our little Millie!



I just have to post these pictures so they are documented and so I don't forget my precious girls at this age (a few months ago).  Ivy was 13 months here and Millie was 21 months.  These pictures were taken in Michigan in the spring right when all the blossoms were blooming.  They didn't last long, but they sure were pretty!  I just love their matching dresses that Grandma Green gave them.

Ivy couldn't walk here...just stand.  And Millie was loving all the flowers.  They were tired and ready for naps, and I can't believe we got one of them both looking at the camera and semi smiling.  We sure love these girls!


4TH OF JULY 2013

yes, we are busy over here.  blogging has taken a backseat.  but as long as it gets documented for the books right?

this year for the 4th of july we stayed in michigan.  we went over to our friend's house and played.
we ate bbq, the girls splashed in water, played a few water balloon games, and finished the night off with some fireworks.  it was pretty low key, but fun to spend it with friends.  

^^^Miss squints.  it was so sunny!^^^

^^^my favorite picture!  such good sharers.  this is a rare occurance.^^^

^^^she loves watermelon now!^^^

^^^He was loving the fireworks/sparklers^^^

we had a great night and are so thankful for all our friends we have met here in michigan.


Cinco de Mayo 2013

This year for our Cinco de Mayo party, we had a few friends join us to celebrate.  We all wore fake mustaches the whole night, beaded necklaces and listened to fiesta-esque music all while enjoying Cafe rio recipes.

Mustaches never get old.  No, but seriously.  We laughed and laughed.

these two babes were so cute together playing on the blanket.  Such little hams!

The spread that you can't see very well.  But I have to document.

Happy cinco de mayo two months late!

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