Review: B. Toys

Looking for new toys for your little ones?  
Here's a review of one I got from B. for Millie that she really loves!

We, (well Millie) had the opportunity to test the Zany Zoo toy made by B.
I chose the Zany Zoo for her because there are so many great learning activities all-in-one.
There is an A to Z animal activity, fun wooden loopty-lou routes, zig zag animal races and doors that open, to find furry friends.  
Millie loves to spin the animal alphabet to check out all the animals, and she opens and closes all the doors while I make the animal noises.  
She also loves to tip it over and see what's on all the different sides. 

The only negative thing about it is there is so much to do with it, that you might not see your child again!:) 
It is a great toy with lots to do!  And B. has many other fun toys that your children will love!

B. also make great gifts for young ones.
The packaging is decorated so well that  you don't even need gift wrap.  
Every toy also comes with a pretty gift tag, so all you need to do is write who it's to and from and you're set. 
Very convenient for a mother!

B. has won many awards as their business has grown.  
The Zany Zoo has won the following awards:

-Creative Child 2010 Toy of the Year Award
-Parent's Choice Awards-Recommended Toy
-The National Parenting Center Holiday 2010 Seal of Approval
-Highly rated by Able Play for Children with special needs

And many of their other toys have won awards as well.  

For every toy that is purchased, B. donates 10¢ to Free the Children.  The world's largest network of children helping children through education.  
Also,  for those of you tree hugging moms, the makers at B. use all recyclable materials.  

B. offers a free quote-maker via their website.  In five easy steps you can make something beautiful from the wisdom of your wee ones.  Check it out!  There are some funny things that people have submitted and you can submit your own quotes too.  

These toys are selling like hot cakes!
Find them at your local target.  

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  1. that is the cutest toy ever!!!!!! i will have to get one for baby showers coming up!

  2. We've got a couple of their toys. I love them! We've got a popper thing that used to scare our girls really bad, but now they loooove it. They make such adorable toys!

  3. I just went to target and bought that toy. It's awesome! Gwen really enjoys playing with it. Thanks for the fun toy tip. Happy belated birthday to Millie! She is adorable!


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